I am an interior designer with experience in residential and hospitality design. I am familiar with Autocad, Sketchup, Revit, and Adobe Suite. My background in theatre and design enhances my understanding of the way people function in different spaces. The design style of a client says a lot about their connection to different time periods throughout history. My studies in art history, theatre history, and design history allow me to create a unique experience for the client. I am continually fascinated by spaces that play with masculine and feminine lines with detailed attention to scale. My favorite architects are Joseph Dirand, John Pawson, and Ian Schrager. Joseph Dirand is the epitome of modern French design. He honors classicism but combines it with opposing styles to narrate a unique story. I love John Pawson's minimalist style and attention to the way light enters a space. I am continually inspired by the experiences that Ian Schrager creates through his designs. Each of these architects have unique approaches to design that inspire my choices.  I am currently looking for freelance design positions. Please feel free to contact me with any inquires. 
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